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Sales and Marketing
Gendis has a team of dynamic and enthusiastic people who are qualified for works at marketing, sales and distribution services. They are:
  • Young, dynamic, professional knowledge, communication skills and good service minds
  • Enthusiasm, hard work and care in distributing accurate, thoughtful, gracious and dedicated to each customer
  • Manage and work well with all the partners, market research, good use of management tools in marketing, sales and customer management brings added value to customers
Gendis is forcusing on tender business ( both international tenders funded by international organisation and local tenders organised by local heal authorities). Our services cover whole procesess from product enlist to the tenders, tender documentation, submission, follow up to import procedures, delivery, and installation in co ordination with supplier and partners.
Marketing services business include:
  • Trade marketing
  • Team building and training
  • Market coverage
  • Trade promotion
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